September Stroke 4: Small

Krui Left

Krui surfs were working again this morning, but they were small. When I came to check Krui Left at about 8:30, it was working about two feet at the biggest sense and I saw two people in the water.  Krui Right was working too, but it was even smaller. No other surfers came over, and the two surfers enjoyed the surf for themselves at least until I left the place for The Peak at about 8:45.

The Peak

Turning to The Peak, I saw five people in the water. The swells were small and short and thin. It was just as small as the other day but there were more people. And I wonder why there were more people surfing this surf this morning.

The Leftover

And when I turned to the left, I saw another five people at The Leftover. The Leftover was big this again morning, and it was perfect. The five surfers seem to enjoy the surf very much. While some surfers gave up and got out of The Peak after some time, nobody got out of the Leftover as long as I stayed there.

The surfer that I met by the beach told me that Karang Nyimbur was small too but there were a lot of people surfing. He also told me that Mandiri wasn’t good and nobody out.

And when I turned back to Krui Left again at about 10:15, there was no surfer in the water. Some surfers were checking the surfs but nobody got into the water until I left the beach at about 10:30.

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