Krui Surfs Saturday; Busiest Morning

There was a lot of fun at Krui surfs this morning. Both Krui Left and Krui Right were pumping. Though it was onshore and a bit choppy, but nevertheless, there were thousands of surfers out in the surf (kidding). Yeah, looks like all surfers from down south were all packed at Krui surfs this morning. It was the busiest morning in the season.

When I arrived at the beach at about 9:10, Krui Left was working about two to three feet with about nine people out in the surf, and so was Krui Right. The Right was working about the same size with six people seen in the water.

But a few minutes later, Krui Right became bigger and more hectic, and more people came. After checking the surfs for a few minutes, most of those surfers who came from Mandiri went straight to The Right. Only a few of them went to The Left. Soon The Right got over capacity; there was about eighteen people altogether in the lineup.

The number of surfers at The Left was increasing too, but it was still less than The Right. It’s the first time I see Krui Left was outnumbered by The Right.

People came and went away from time to time; some surfers out and some others in. Later in the morning, the number changes. And when I left the beach at about 12 o’clock, there were still more than ten people at The Right and about eight at The Left.

(Those guys from Mandiri told me that it was too big in there. Nobody surfed. Everybody came to town instead.)  

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