Krui Surfs Sunday

Krui surfs worked again this morning but they were not as fun as yesterday, and not as many people. When I arrived at the ebach at about 9:08, Krui Left was workng small, about two feet, with about five people in the water. And Krui Right was just as small with only two people out in the lineup.

But later, they were getting bigger with more people came out. At about 10 o’clock, Krui Left got about three feet, and so was Krui Right. There were about eight people seen at The Left, and so was at The Right. The guys from Mandiri who had been here yesterday, came here again, except the guy from the corner (if you know what I mean) who had left for Singkil island, Aceh, the other day.

This guy with a bandaged cut on his head told me that it was big, about five feet, at Ujung Bocor, with about ten people out in the water. And Mandiri was big too but there was only two people seen in the surf, he said.

And when I left the beach at about 11:00, there were still about four or five people at The Right, and about six or seven at The Left.    

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