Krui Left Tuesday

Krui surfs worked this morning, but they were not as big as the surf forecast had said. When I arrived at the beach at about 8:10, Krui Left was working small and I saw one surfer in the water. Krui Right was working too but it was empty; nobody out.

At about 8:20, there came another three guys with big boards from The Point. One of them came into the water with 9 inches board, another one with an 8 inches, and another one with a water proof camera in his hand; no board. So there were four people altogether in the water. This guy told me that it was big at The Point. About 6 feet, he said, with about 20 people in the water.

And at about 8:45, there came another four surfers by bike. Two of them got into the water right when they arrived, while the other two stayed at the beach watching. “It’s too small,” one of the guy who was eating coconut said.

There were six people in the water then. However, the session didn’t last long. It’s all over at about 9:40. And when I left the place at about 10:05, Krui Left was empty and one surfer was surfing The Right.  

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