Krui Left Thursday

Krui surfs worked again this morning. They were so hectic but unclean, disorganized, choppy, and windy. When I arrived at the beach at about 8:50, both Krui Left and Right were working. Krui Left was working about two feet, and I saw about eight people in the water, and one at The Right. It’s hard to tell how many people because the sea never flat.

However, more people were coming to the beach. But some of them leaved the beach after a few minutes, while some others were left watching; waiting for a turn, or just eating some coconuts. These guys seemed to have come from Karang Nyimbur. One of the guy told me that it was too big and disorganized at The Point; it was about twelve feet, he said, nobody out but two guys. One of the guy got his board snapped from his leg and let the board go. He swam out to the shore and left his board in the sea, he said.

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