The Peak Sunday

High tide, onshore, and lumpy. Those are probably the right words to describe Krui surfs this morning. when I arrived at the beach at about 8:55, Krui Left was small with only two surfers in the water, while Krui Right was lumpy with nobody out.

However, when I turned to The Peak, I saw it working a bit better, though not clean and perfect, with four people in the water; three were body boarding while another one was taking pictures.

The morning was beautiful and the four people in the water enjoyed the surf quite much. And hey, there was another one surfing (not body boarding) at The Leftover (I didn’t see this guy in the water but only when he got out of the water and told me that he had just surfed there.)

About 9:45, two of the surfers got out of the water, but a few minutes later came another surfer with a surf board. and when I left the beach at about 10:20, there still three people left in the water.

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