Krui Surfs Monday

Krui surfs this morning were probably no better than yesterday, and with fewer people. When I arrived at the beach at about 10 o’clock, Krui Left was working inconsistently; sometimes it was big, sometimes it was smaller. And so was Krui Right. There were about ten people at The Left and about six at The Right. However, about ten other people who came with a car were putting their gears, ready to hit the water.

I left the place and for The Peak, but The Peak was small and looked shallow. However, it got bogger once in a while but nobody out.

Back to The Left I found it more people in the water. And this time the set of waves at the left of The Left was also working with about five people surfing. So the three sets of waves were working at the same time, with 25 surfers altogether.

The South African guys who surfed the left of The Left told me that it was too small for them. They got out of the water and heading to Way Jambu. It must be big at Way Jambu, he said, and hit the road right away.

The other guys told me that it was big at Karang Nyimbur too, about five to six feet, with some surfers out. And Mandiri was also working with two or three surfers. But it was too big and heavy, one of the guys said. And they surfed Krui Left instead.

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