Krui Surfs Sunday

Krui surfs this morning was quite the repetition of them yesterday morning, but I guess there were more people this morning, not to mention the local tourists who packed the beach of Labuhan Jukung (It’s a school holiday, starting June 15 to July 15). And again, all guys from Karang Nyimbur took an exodus to town, leaving the surf there empty. At least three guys that I asked told me that it was big at Karang Nyimbur, it was even too big, about 8 foot, but it was messy, and nobody out.

When I arrived at the beach at about 10 o’clock, I saw Krui Left working quite big, about two to three feet, and so was The Right. About a dozen surfers were seen in at The Left, and about eight were at The Right. However, the later the morning, the more people coming, and the surfers in the water kept on turning over.

It was a long day. One guy that talked to me told me that he had been surfing since about 7 o’clock. And when I arrived I saw some people just got out of the water, and some others were just about to take a turn. And when I left the beach at about 11:30, The Left was still packed with people, and so was The Right. And I guessed the surfers kept on in and out until afternoon….  

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