Krui Surfs Saturday

There was a lot of fun at Krui surfs this morning with thousands of people out (joke). Though the weather was overcast and it rained a little but a lot of people from Karang Nyimbur came over to Krui town. Again, the surf in Karang Nyimbur was not good. It was too big and went at the wrong direction. There was nobody out, siad one guy who talked to me.

When I arrived at the beach at about 10:35, I saw Krui Left working small with about seven people in the lineups. Though it was kind of fat and fickle but it was fun. And so was Krui Right. It was also working small with about four people in the water.

I left the beach after a few minutes for checking The Peak. On my way, in between Krui Left and The Peak, I passed by a lot of biker surfers heading to The Left. I guess there was about a dozen of them riding together for the same direction.

The Peak was also working but it was small and I only saw one surfer in the water. The Leftover was also working. It was big, bigger than the regular days, but there was nobody surfing.

And when I came back to The Left, I saw it working bigger with more people in the water. And it’s strange that the set of waves left to The Left that only work once in a blue moon was also working this morning, and I saw five or six people surfing.

So there were three spots people surfed this morning in town alone. And the later the morning was, the more people came over. It rained a little and the weather was overcast, but the people kept on coming. And at the time when I left the beach, at about 11:40, there were about six people at the surf left to The Left, about seventeen at The Left, and about nine at The Right. However, the surfers kept on turning over since more and more people came over.

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