Mandiri Saturday

Krui surfs were shithouses this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 9 past something, Krui Left was small like shit, and so was Krui Right. Nobody were seen in the water. The only surfers I saw was Simon and his Japanese wife, who were frequent to Krui Left; they were staying at Mandiri but they come to Krui Left everyday to surf. However, they didn’t surf this morning, and nobody did. It was too small with no power, and besides, the tide was low. And the wind was like coming from south-east. Simon and his wife left the beach after a fw minutes. They were heading to The Peak, and I was to Mandiri.

Arrving at Mandiri, I saw the surf working. But it was small as well with about fifteen people seen in the water. some of the surfers got out of the water just at the time when I arrived. There were too surfers vans parked at the beach, the white one and the balck one, and I saw was no bikes at all. The surfers in the water must have been staying at the camps at Mandiri except those who were coming by the vans. Some surfers came in and out of the water, and at the time when I left the beach, at about 10 past something, about ten people were still surfing.    

And when I came back to Krui Left at about 10:40, the surf was even smaller and the tide was lower, and no surfers seen at all, not in the water nor at the beach.

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