July Hot 7: Krui Left

Krui Left was kind of small early this morning, but later, it got bigger. When I arrived at the beach at 9 o’clock, it was about one and a half feet and no surfer was in the water, but when I came back later at about 9:30, it was getting bigger, about two to three feet, and I saw one surfer in the water.

And the longer you wait, the bigger the swells. I think I saw one swell sized about four feet, but then there wasn’t any swell as big as this one. Most of the swells were about two and a half to three feet high before it got smaller, and remained constant at about two feet later in the morning.   

Two other surfers came down into the water, about 9:50, and then there was another one surfer joined in about five minutes later, so there were four surfers altogether in the water. Some other surfers came and went away after a few minutes.   

Two surfers didn’t stay long. They gave up and got out of the water at about 10:25. But, not long after that, two other surfers came out to replace, and the number turned four again. This four surfers remained in the water until I left the place at about 11:00. 

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