August Smack 2: Karang Nyimbur

Krui surfs were working again this morning, but as the surf forecast had said, they were small. when I came to the beach at about 9:30, Krui Left was working abut  one and a half feet, and I saw one surfer in the water. But not long after I arrived, she quit and got out of the water, leaving the surf empty. there were two other surfers at the beach, but they didn’t get into the water. They left the place instead after a few minutes.

Turning to Mandiri, I saw the surf was junk and messy like it was yesterday, and nobody were seen in the water. Coming back to town then I checked The Peak, and there I found two surfers in the water. The Peak was small, smaller than it used to be.  I didn’t stay long and didn’t take any picture at The Peak. I left the place after a few minutes for Krui Left. It was about 10:40, the surf was getting smaller and nobody was seen in the water.

And as usual, when Krui surfs were small people go to Karang Nyimbur for Karang Nyimbur never get smaller than three feet on small days. And it is this time that I met Philippe, a French surfer who stayed in town who just about to get ready to go to Karang Nyimbur with his car. I asked whether I could come with him with his car. He said yes and I jumped into the front seat.

Philip drove his car like hell and we arrived at Karang Nyimbur a few minutes before 12. Karang Nyimbur was working about three to four feet and there were about eight or nine people in the water. I wonder why there weren’t many surfers like the other day. When I came here two weeks ago, there a lot of surfers in the water, not to mention those who were at the beach.

However, the surf was getting smaller later in the afternoon. And when Philip got out of the water at about 2 o’clock, there were about four surfers remained in the water.

(All pictures above were at Karang Nyimbur)

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