August Smack 5: Karang Nyimbur

Krui surfs were small this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 8:30, Krui Left was working about one feet, and nobody out, and so was Krui Right. And it was still the same at the time when I left at about 9:00.

Turning to Karang Nyimbur at about 10:30, I saw the surf was working, and there were about ten people in the water. But it was small and shallow. The tide was low. The reef emerged from the water about two hundred meters from the beach line. The swells were about two and a half to three feet high, but it wasn’t very consistent. Sometimes it got bigger though.

The surf remained the same in size till I left the place at about 11:00, and so was the surfers in the water.

On my way to and back from Karang Nyimbur, I found that Mandiri was windy, the surf was junk and messy and nobody was seen in the water. And I passed by a lot of surfers who were coming to town with their bikes.

Pictures above are at Karang Nyimbur

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