September Stroke 8: Busy Morning

Krui surf was quite busy this morning. When I arrived by the beach at about 9:10, Krui Left was working about two to three feet and I saw about twelve people in the water. But The Right wasn’t working as big and nobody was seen in the water. Some other surfers hanging out by the beach watching. I found some of them have just come out of the water while some other just came to check. An Australian surfer told me that he lost his bike key while surfing. He tied the key to the lash of his pants and got it untied. Luckily, the owner of the bike has a spare key.

And when I turned to The Peak at about 10:05, I saw it was working too with about seven people in the water. But it wasn’t very consistent. Some swells turned big while some others were small. The surfers came in and out of the water any time. This guy that was taking pictures together with me complained to me that some body boarders just dropped in any time they could, giving no chance for other surfers. "They should give everybody their turn," he said.  

And when I left the place at about 11:00, there were four people left at The Peak and another four at Krui Left.

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