April Move 6; The Leftover

Staying in Krui, don’t forget to take the Leftover. Though it may not just as good as the other surfs, and it’s not a main surf destination, many people take this surf as another choice. Yeah, Leftover is quite popular recently, and it’s becoming as popular as its main break, The Peak, which about a two hundred meters away.

The Leftover turns good in this last three days. Yesterday there were two people taking this surf in the morning, and the day before yesterday morning there were two, not to mention the other guys who were at the beach waiting. And this morning, there were two guys taking this surf. However, it is the most a surf can get this morning since other surfs weren’t taken at all.

Usually, the leftover takes body boarders. Surfers rarely seen in this spot. I don’t know whether you can surf here or not, but every time I saw people taking this spot, they were body boarding. I heard that the water is too shallow to surf, but the guy that I met the other day said that they would surf the Leftover in the next day.  

But the too guys who took this surf this morning were all surfers. Pictures above were taken on April 24, 2012.

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