October Fest 2: Krui Surfs

Krui Right

Just like yesterday, Krui surfs were working though not very consistent. Surfers had to hang out in the water for quite a while before they could catch the next swell and I could hardly take good pictures. But unlike yesterday, The Right was also surfed. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:15, The Right was working about two feet and I saw two people surfing. It is the first time I saw The Right was taken in the last few weeks.

Krui Left

But I found The Left smaller and less consistent than yesterday. However, it didn’t take less surfers. I saw there were nine people in the water and some other surfers were at the beach watching. This surfer that I talked to told me that it was big at the point. It was about six feet, he said, but there were only three or four surfers in the water for it was a bit onshore.

The Peak

And when I turned to The Peak, I saw two people out in the water. The surf was quite big but it was no very consistent either. This two surfers just took it easy. They hung out for quite long before they could catch a wave. But when the swell coming, it could get three feet high.

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