October Fest 3: Small

It was not a very happy morning for Krui surfers. Every surf was almost abandoned. When I came to check Krui Left at about 9:50 this morning, it wasn’t working and nobody out. However when I came to The Peak, it was working though not very big, and I saw six people in the water. And more to the left, I saw two people were surfing The Leftover.

The Peak was working about two feet. It wasn’t very big though and it was weak and only last in a few seconds. However, it was more crowded compared to the last few days. Three more surfers came out from their camp by the beach to join in at about 10:35 and made it even more crowded. I think it was the busiest morning for The Peak for the last few months.

This surfer that I met by the beach told me that it was small at the point and nobody out. He is staying in Karang Nyimbur and  he came to town to do some shopping. Mandiri wasn’t good. It’s a bit onshore, he said. Probably The Peak and The Leftover was the only surf that worked this morning.   

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