The Peak Wednesday

Krui surfs were working this morning, but the weather wasn’t very clear. When I arrived at the beach at 9:10, I saw three people in the water at The Left. The tide was high, the wind was like onshore, and the waves were so active. But the surf wasn’t very big. It was about two feet and pretty much disorganized. Krui Right was working as well, but there wasn’t anybody out.

And when I turned to The Peak at about 9:10, I saw seven people in the water. But like Krui Left, The Peak was small and disorganized, and onshore. And according to the guy I talked to, it was also glassy.

As seven people is always too crowded for The Peak, two of the surfers quit and got out of the water at about 9:30. The five guys left then enjoyed the surf till I left the place because it started drizzling at about 10:00. Yes, it’s April now, but the rain doesn’t seem to end.

And when I came back to The Left at about 10:10, I saw four people in the water.    

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