Krui Right Monday

It needs more water for Krui Right to be working. As the tide has been always high for the last three days, Krui Right has been good and fun. Like yesterday, and two days ago, it was a lot of fun at Krui Right, and it has beaten The Left.

When I arrived at the beach at about 10 o’clock, I saw only seven people at The Right, and may be more then ten at The Left. The tide was high and the water was glassy, and the sun came on and off every now and then.

A few minutes later, more people coming. And even later, more and more people coming. And at about 10:30, there were about 17 people altogether in the lineups.

This guys that I talked to told me that it was too big at Karang Nyimbur. It was so big that scared people off their ass. And just like yesterday, nobody surfed Karang Nyimbur this morning. meanwhile, Mandiri was also big, but it was a mess and closed-out. Nobody surfed there either.

Another surfer that talked to me told me that some people went up to Jimmy’s.

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