The Peak Sunday

The  morning was extremely beautiful, but the surfs were not so fun. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:25, Krui Left was working small, and so was Krui Right, nad no surfer seen in the water. However, the swells were like perfect with barrels, only they were too small to surf.

But when I turned to The Peak, I saw the surf was better. And, to my surprise, there were nine Spanish guys in the water, not including the guys in the beach. All of the guys in the water, but two, were body boarders. And I saw the Leftover was also working with two or three people surfing.

The later the morning, the bigger the surf turned. And the surfers kept on turning over. Some surfers in and some other surfers out from time to time, and when I left the beach at about 10:50, there were eight people left in the water.

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