Krui Surfs Saturday

Krui surfs worked this morning. But, unlike what one surfer from ujung Bocor told me the other day, it was small. When I arrived at the beach at about 9 o’clock, Krui Left was working small, about one and a half feet, with two surfers seen in the water. However, sometimes it turned bigger, like two feet or more. It’s just inconsistent.

At about 9:30, there came another two surfers to join in, so there were five surfers altogether in the water. and a few minutes later, came another two surfers, so there were seven. Meanwhile, Krui Right which also working small, didn’t take any surfer at all.

Six other people came from Ujung Bocor to check , but they left the place after a few minutes. One of them said that it was too small and the tide was too high.

PS: This guy from Ujung Bocor told me that it was small there too. And Mandiri was like closing-out.

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