The Peak Sunday

The morning was beautiful, and the tide was high, only the surf was small; that’s Krui surfs earlier this morning. And when I passed The Left at about 10:00, it was working like one and a half foot with about five people seen in the water. The Right was also working small with nobody out.

And when I arrived at The Peak, I saw it working small as well, but the water was crystal clear and the swells were like perfect with barrel. It only needs to be a lit bigger to be real perfect. About six people were seen in the water at The Peak.  

And when I turned my head to The Leftover, it was working as well with about four body boarders hanging out in the lineups. But this guys at The Leftover gave up earlier and got out of the water and left the surf empty at about 10:30. And when I left the beach at about 11:45, there were three guys still left in the water at The Peak, and there was another guy who was about to hit the water.

PS: When I checked Krui Left at about 11:50, it was working bigger, more than head high, with about ten people surfing. This guys that I met at the beach told me that it was smaller earlier in the morning. Meanwhile, Karang Nyimbur was also working big this morning with about sixteen people out, according to one guy that I met at The Peak. Mandiri was also big but it was like closed-out.

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Oriol Orra on August 26, 2013 at 6:55 PM said...

I'm the guy with the green lycra and the other guy is my brother. Could you sent to us some photos of this day?

We are staying in Tapokan Indah, if you want to meet there to give us the photos or you could sent us by mail:

Thank you very much!!

Hasim said...

Hello Mister,

I am happy to hear your request. But it's too much effort for me to come to your camp. If only you stayed in Krui, or you brought your computer to Krui, I would transfer the photos for you. However, if you want me to transfer the pictures via email, I can do it only when you have paid me, Rp.50.000 for the first picture, and Rp.20.000 for every other pieces.


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