November Rain 2: Onshore

A heavy and long rain had caused a big flood along the coastal side of Krui three days ago. In Krui alone, the four-hour-long rain had caused all the rivers in the town overflowed, indundated all the people house nearby. If you go to the beach, you’ll see the debris from the river piled up in the sand. It was the heaviest and the longest rain in this season.

And I don’t know why, the surfs in Krui were mellowed out in this last two weeks. It probably has something to do with the rains. When I arrived at the beach at about 8:55, I saw three people surfing Krui Left. It was the fisrt time I saw people surfing in this Novemver. It was small and kind of onshore, and there was no other surfer coming. And even this three surfers didn’t surf long. They quit and got out of the water about 9:10. This German guys that I talked to told me that it was big at the point with a lot of surfers out.

And when I came to check The Peak, it was working small and wasn’t perfect. It was onshore and nobody out surfing. However, when I came back to check The Left, I saw one surfer coming into the the water. The surf was still small and onshore, and inconsistent.  

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