Krui Left Sunday

Beautiful, clean, fun, big, and consistent, that was Krui Left this morning. However, when I arrived at the beach at about 9:00, it was small and inconsistent, and I only saw four people in the water. But later, at about 9:15, it became bigger and more surfers.

About 9:20, there came some other surfers by car, so there were nine surfers altogether in the water. And the surf turned the biggest  and more hectic at about 9:45. It got as big as three to four feet sometimes, but smaller most of the time.

Peter, a South African surfer, told me that it was very big at The Point this morning, so that’s why he came to town. “It was big. it’s about five to six feet and about thirty people out,” he said.

At about 10:30, there came another three surfers to join in. And at the time I left the place, there were about ten surfer in the water.

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