Krui Surfs Saturday

Big but onshore. That was Krui surfs this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 8:35, I saw Krui Left working about two to three feet with seven people out in the water, and so was Krui Right, but nobody seen in the water. The surf was hectic but the onshore wind made it unclean and unperfect. However, the pople kept on coming. 

At about 8:45, there came two more guys from The Point to join in, so there were nine people altogether at the surf. But a few minutes later, two guys came out of the water, and the number back to seven. Meanwhile, more people came over. Some of them took to The Left, and some others went to The Right.

Like two days ago, this guys told me that it was too big at Karang Nyimbur. It was eight feet, one of the guy said. And nobody out there but two guys. Most of the guys from the surf camps went to other spots like Way Jambu or Mandiri, or even up north to Jimmy’s.      

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