The Leftover and The Peak Wednesday

The Leftover was the first surf spot where I saw people surfing this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:25, Both Krui Left and Right was small and nobody out. And when I turned to the Peak, it was also small with no surfers at all. However, when I turned my head to The Leftover, I saw four people surfing. They were all body boarders, the same people that I saw yesterday.

A few minutes later, another young body boarder came to join in. Then came one more. Then came one stand-up surfer. So there were seven people altogether in the lineups in The Leftover. 

At 10:07, two stand-up surfers came up and got into the water for The Peak. The Peak was getting bigger than earlier in the morning, and this guys were the only surfers out. But a few minutes later, the stand-up surfer who was surfing The Leftover paddled all the way to The Peak to join in, so there were three people altogether.

Most of the people at The Leftover quit and got out of the water at about 11:30, with only one people left in the surf. And at the time when I left the beach, at about 11:40, three people were still surfing The Peak, and one in The Leftover.

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