Krui Surfs Tuesday

Krui surfs were small this morning, but they were fun with a lot of surfers out. When I checked Krui Right earlier at about 8:45, it was working small and nobody out. However, I saw about six people surfing The Left, though it wasn’t big either.

When I turned to The Peak, I saw the surf was small either, and nobody out. But I saw two body boarders from the camp nearby walking toward The Leftover. The Leftover was also small but it was better than The Peak, and the two body boarders enjoyed the surf for them selves.

Upon arriving back at The Left, at about 10:30, I saw the surf working like bigger than earlier in the morning, and about ten people were seen in the water.

Meanwhile, The Right was also working bigger with about eight people surfing. The tide was like low, and the trade wind was like blowing from south-east, but the morning was beautiful. And when I left the beach at about 11:45, about four people were still in the water at The Right, and about ten were at The Left.

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