Honey Smack Saturday

Waking up earlier in the morning and start hitting the road for the surf at 04:30 is not unusual for surfers who stay in Krui, especially those who stay in town who would like to surf up north at Jimmy’s, Honey Smack, or Jenny’s, since it takes about one and a half hour to get to this spots from the town of Krui.

And this is what I did earlier this morning with this three Chilean guys, who needed me to come with them for some video shootings. This is the first time for me to leave so early for the surf.  This guys had to start that early because they had to catch a flight for Bandarlampung at 10:30.

We leave Krui by a car at 04:30 and arrived at Jenny’s at about 05:40. But the surf was no good, so we drove further to Honey Smack. Honey Smack was better and bigger than Jenny’s. However, this guys decided to leave the surf for Jimmy’s. But jimmy’s was no good either. It was small, only about three foot.

So we left Jimmy’s, back to Honey Smack. And we arrived back at Honey Smack at about 08:50. But this time the surf was even bigger.

One of the guys jump out of the car and hit the water with his body board all at once after the car hit the break. Then the other two guys followed suit.

It was a lot of fun for this three Chilean guys. The swells got bigger and bigger from time to time though they were not like perfect with barrels, and there wasn’t anybody else in the water. However, the fun should stop at 08:10 for this guys had to come back to town and be at the airport for the flight. It was shot but fun….

And it wasn’t until we were on the way back to town did we see other surfers heading up north to Jenny’s, Honey Smack, or Jimmy’s.

Moral: You still have time to surf Honey Smack, or Jenny’s, or Jimmy’s before you take your flight out of Krui.


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