July Hot 11: Krui Right

Krui surfs worked again this morning, and this week must be a big week for the surfs all around Krui. The guy that I met at the beach told me that Karang Nyimbur (Ujung Bocor) was very big this morning, and so was Mandiri, the other surf in between Krui and Karang Nyimbur. So big was Karang Nyimbur that made everybody come to town. Only a few surfers surfed there, the guy told me.

When I arrived by the beach at 9:40, I saw about eight people at Krui Left, and nobody at The Right. But a few minutes later, more surfers arrived at the beach by bike. Some of them went straight down into The Right, knowing that there was nobody in the water. And it didn’t take very long for The Right to be crowded with people. As more surfers coming, there were about twelve people packed at The Right, and about another twelve at The Left at about 10:00.

Different from The Left which always holds surfers all morning long, which surfers come and go away  every time, The Left often has sessions. Surfers that take The Right, usually don’t stay very long as they may do at The Left. The first session started at 9:40 this morning, and ended at about 10:40. All surfers left the surf, and it was empty at about 10:40. Some surfers left earlier though. And a few minutes later, at about 10:55, some surfers came to replace, and it didn’t take long time for The Right to be crowded again. And when I left the place at about 11:20, there were twelve surfers at The Right, and about four at The Left.

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