July Hot 12: Krui Right

Krui surfs worked again this morning, and they were big, about three to four feet. And I guess the other surfs around were working as well as there were not many surfers turned in Krui. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:30, I saw five or six people at The Left, but there were three surfers at the beach who looked just had got out of the water and ready to leave the place on their bikes. And there was another three surfers who were just about to get into the water.

Seeing that it was too crowded at The Left, and there wasn’t anybody at The Right, this three guys decided to surf The Right. The Right wasn’t so big earlier at about 9 o’clock though, but later it was getting bigger and bigger. And this three guys enjoyed the surf all for themselves until there came another guy at about 10:10 to join in. And the other guy who was at the beach break at the middle then paddled into The Right as well, so there were five people at The Right. But this last guy didn’t ride any wave as far I am concerned. He just swam around, and he left The Right for The Left a few minutes later.

One of the three guys broke his board and got out of the water at about 10:40, then a friend of him followed suit about fifteen minutes later, so there were two people left in the water.  However, as it always is, Krui Right doesn’t hold surfers for long. The last two surfers finished and left the surf at about 11:20, and the surf was then empty and abandoned. And when I left the beach at about 11:30, there were still five or six surfers at The Left, and nobody was at The Left.  

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