September Stroke 3: The Leftover

Krui surfs were working again this morning and it was high tide. When I arrived by the beach at about 09:05, Krui Left was working, but it was smaller than yesterday. Only three surfers were seen in the water at the Left. Krui Right was working too, but it was small and nobody out. Some other surfers came to check. And when I left the place for The Peak, there were still three people in the water.

Turning to The Peak at about 09:20, I saw nobody in the water. The surf was working but it was just like yesterday. It was small and shorter. But when I looked at The Leftover, I saw three body boarders enjoying the surf, and three other surfers who just about to get into the water.

The Leftover was bigger than the other days, and it’s probably most crowded too. I rarely see this surf packed with six surfers like this morning. But, however, the other three body boarders gave up and came out of the water soon after the three others joined in. And this three others enjoyed the surf till I left the place at about 10:20.

Another surfer came into The Peak at about 10:00 and he was the only one who surfed The Peak till I left.

And when I came to check The Left again at about 10:23, I saw the three surfers still in the water, but there came another four surfers to join in. Krui Right was also taken this time. There were three surfers I saw in the water. And at the time when I left the beach, there were still six or seven people at The Left, and three at The Right.

Pictures above are all at The Leftover. 

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