Krui Surfs Monday

There was a lot of fun at Krui surfs this morning. And again, the crew from Ujung Bocor were all flocked at the surfs in town. Like yesterday, and the other days, Ujung Bocor was too big, and so was Mandiri, that scares all the surfers from The Point and make them turn to town. And it was even worse at Way Jambu, The Sumatran Pipeline, “It was loco,” said a guy from Australia. And Mandiri was closed-out.

As you know, there are three sets of waves at Krui surfs; Krui Left, Krui Right, and another set at the left of Krui Left . And this morning, all the three were working. And this morning was the first time I saw the set left of Krui Left working big. It’s bigger than usual. And the surfers who took this set were even more than those at Krui Left.

When I arrived at the beach at about 9:10, I saw about nine people surfing this set of waves, about seven at The Left, and none at The Right. And the number of people became no less but one or two until 10 o’clock because new surfers kept on coming. And when I leaved the beach about 11:00, I saw about seven people at the left set, five at The Left, and two at The Right. However, just before I left, I saw at least six people coming by bikes.  

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