October Fest 13: Quiet

Beautiful morning, high tide, quiet, and small, those may be the right words to describe Krui surf this morning. When I came to check LA at about 8:30, I saw the surf was working small and nobody out. And there still nobody came over afterward. And after checking the surf for a few minutes, I left the place back to town.

Arriving at Krui Left, I saw the surf was small as well, and no surfer was seen in the water, and not even at the beach.

Turning to The Peak, I saw one body boarder surfing. The surf was small too, but it was still surfable. This body boarder is the only surfer I saw in the water this morning. He enjoyed the surf for himself. But seeing that The Peak wasn’t good enough, he then moved to The Leftover, paddling his board all the way and left The Peak untouched.

The Leftover was working quite well. It’s just like the other days. It’s probably the only surf in town that wasn’t getting smaller. And this guy enjoyed it all for himself.

At about 10:00 o’clock another two body boarders came to The Peak. The surf was even getting smaller but this two guys got into the water anyway, hoping that it’s gonna get bigger later. Turns out, it was a bit bigger later, and the guy at The Leftover then paddled to The Peak to join in.

And this three guys were in the water at least until I left the place at about 10;35.

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