October Fest 6: Mandiri

It’s another unhappy morning for Krui surfers. Hardly any surf worked and surfers seen in the water. when I arrived at the beach at about 9:00, Krui Left wasn’t working good. It was small and inconsistent and no surfer seen in the water, and so was The Peak. I didn’t see any surfer at all at the beach but local travelers because it was Sunday.

But when I turned to Mandiri at about 9:20, I saw the surf was working. It was about three feet high and I saw four surfers in front of me and two others at the other side, and another surfer watching. I was kind of late because the surfers had been surfing for long, since earlier in the morning, so I couldn’t take as much photos as I please.

Just a few minutes after I arrived the other two surfers at the other side came out of the water. And a few minutes later, the four surfers in front of me came out of the water one by one and the surf was empty at about 9:40.

This surfer that talked to me told me that it was small at the point as well. But he wasn’t sure whether somebody surfed there or not because they left the camp earlier in the morning at about 5:30 for checking the other spots.

And on my way to Mandiri I passed some biker-surfers on their way to town.  

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