The Peak Thursday

Again, don’t trust the surf forecast. It had said that Krui surfs would be big, 5 stars, this morning, but turned out, they were small.

When I arrived at the beach at about 9:00, I saw Krui Left was working small and nobody out. It wasn’t very clean and a bit choppy.

And when I turned to The Peak, I saw it was working too, but it was small and lumpy. It was about two feet and bigger sometimes. However, I saw three people surfing in the water.

There were two surfers from Karang Nyimbur who arrived at The Peak to check right at the same time as me. One of the guy told me that it was quite big at Karang Nyimbur, but it was like going at the wrong direction. There were about twenty people out, he said.

The three people at The Peak enjoyed the surf for themselves quite much. The two guys from Karang Nyimbur didn’t join in. Then one surfer gave up and got out of the water at about 9:30. And when I left the place at about 10:00, there were still two people in the water.

I met another two surfers at the beach when I was about to leave. This two guys and and a lady also came from Karang Nyimbur. However, this three people didn’t surf The Peak either. They left the place for Krui Left.

But when I came back to Krui Left again to check, the surf even getting smaller, and it was almost flat. I left Krui Left empty. And the three guys hit the road up north to LA, or further up to Jimmy’s. Fuck knows….

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