Krui Surf Sunday

I don’t know why. It’s strange that the rain seems to go all year round this year. It used to be dry season on April to October, but this year the rains continue till this mid of July. It’s been raining in the last few days. And yesterday, the sun didn’t even shine at all. It rained all day long. And to the worst of it, the rain can impact the surfs. At least that is what I think; as far as I know, when it rains the surf turns shithouse almost all of the time.

But thanks God, it didn’t rain this morning but it was overcast. And the surf was kind of shit as I had forecasted. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:15, Krui Left was working small with about five people in the lineups. And so was Krui Right, but there was nobody seen in the water.

The wind was kind of onshore and the sea a bit choppy earlier in the morning. And later, it became choppier with more people out. And the wind was even stronger and more onshore. Some people who came to check left the place after a few minutes.

PS: This guy from Karang Nyimbur told me that it was big there earlier in the morning with a lot of surfers out. “It was busy there,” he said.

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