Krui Surfs Tuesday

There was a lot of fun at Krui surfs this morning, and thousands of people were out in the water (:)). When I arrived at the beach at about 9:15, Krui Left was working big with about 12 people in the water. And Krui Right was also working as big with about another 12 people in the linups. It’s the first time I saw Krui Right working in this last two months.

However, the later the morning was, the more people coming. Anda at about 10 o’clock, Krui Left was already packed with about 17 surfers, and Krui Right was even more with about 20 people. Some other surfers came by bikes left to take a look, but they left the beach after a few minutes seeing that the surfs were already crowded.

This guy that talked to me told me that it was too big at Karang Nyimbur, and no body surfed while Mandiri was too big and closed-out.

So, Krui surfs were probably the only surfs that worked this morning. And it was a long day. The surfers kept on coming in and out till late in the morning. And at the time when I left the beach at about 11:50, there were still about five people left at The Left, and about ten at The Right.

See you tomorrow.

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