July Hot 10: Krui Right

Krui surfs worked again this morning, but they were smaller with fewer people than yesterday. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:20, I saw seven or eight people at The Left. And three people got out of the water a few minutes later. The swells were mostly about three feet, but sometimes bigger though.

Turning to The Peak, I saw five people surfing but two of them were paddling ashore right at the moment when I arrived, so there were only three surfers remained in the water. The Peak was big as usual. It was about three to four feet. And not long after I arrived at the beach, a non-native English speaker surfer came to check. I guessed he is Spanish or Portuguese, or Maybe French. I talked to him a little only to find out that he has difficulty in English communication.

I left him under a tree to find a better angle for my camera. And to my big surprised, then I saw a stark naked man surreptitiously walking into the water. It was him, and there was nobody saw him but me. He dived into the water for a few second, and then strode back to his gear under the tree in hurry.  This is the first time I see thing like this in Krui beaches. I snapped two pictures of him, but I wonder if it’s OK to upload them here.

Coming back to Krui Left at about 10:15, I saw seven people in the water, and another seven in The Right.  I decided to take pictures at The Right for I have taken a lot of pictures at The Left. And this time I took them from the beach, which is closer than from the shade under the trees. This time Krui Right was so big and epic that made all the surfers were so hectic. It’s just the right moment for picture taking. Enjoy it!

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