August Smack 8: Krui Left

Krui Left was working this morning. And it’s probably the first time it worked in the morning since Idul Fitri. The swells were good and perfect. They were just as perfect as they could get the other days. They were quite big though not very consistent. They were about two and a half feet most of the time, but sometimes it got bigger as big as three and a half feet.

When I arrived at the beach at about 9:25, I saw three people in the water. However, a few minutes later came another two, and not long afterward another three surfers got into the water to join in so there were eight surfers there altogether. Three surfers gave up and got out of the water at about 10:05, but there came another three surfers right away to replace.

Some surfers came to check. And some of them waited and see for the chance to replace, but some others just walked away seeing that there were enough people in the water. The surfers came and go away, and at the time when I left the place at about 10:35, there were five or six people still surfing the Left.

The surfer that I met at the beach told me that it was big about six feet at Karang Nyimbur, but it was a mess closed-out and there were nobody out. The Peak was working as well with some body boarders in it.

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