Mandiri Friday

Krui surf was small this morning, so I turned to Mandiri.  But, as usual, I never get early at Mandiri. As you know, Mandiri is good only earlier in the morning, from 6:00 till about ten o’clock. So when I arrived at the beach at about 9:05 this morning, the people was kind winding down; some peole just had got out of the water while some other were paddling their way ashore. However, I still see about twelve people left scattered in the water.

The surf was about three feet at the biggest sense, and it was kind of clean and perfect. But it wasn’t long after I arrived that I found the surf mellowing out; the swells getting smaller and the people getting fewer. And finally, when the last two surfers who were surfing at the southern part got out of the water at about 9:45, it was all over.

PS: I met two people at the beach who told me that they had just stayed at Jenny’s at a surf camp. They said that Jenny’s ha been good.  

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