The Peak Thursday

Small and onshore. That was Krui surfs this morning. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:30, Krui Left was working small, and so was Krui Right. However, five surfers were seen in The Left, and four in The Right. The Left seemed to be more inactive this morning, and the surfers just hanging out in the water.

And when I turned to The Peak, at about 10:00, the surf looked more interesting with four people in the water. Three of them were surfing while the other one was taking pictures with a water-housed camera. The surf was not big enough and inconsistent but it was fun for the people in the water who seemed to be staying in the camp in front of the break.

Two of them got out earlier and nested into their camp. And when I left the place, the other two were still surfing.

PS: This guy from Ujung Bocor told me that it was small over there too. There was only two people out, he said.   

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