The Peak and Mandiri Tuesday

Krui surfs were small this morning. Some didn’t even work. When I arrived at the beach at about 9:15, Krui Right was working small with no surfer seen in the water but some divers doing snorkeling. The Left was like flat with nobody out either.

However, when I turned to The Peak, I saw the surf working. It was small as well but I saw six people with body boards coming out of the camp in front of the surf, working in the reef, and ready to hit the surf. No bike surfers or car coming, and this guys enjoy the surf by themselves until I left the place a few minutes later.  

Arriving at Mandiri, I saw the surf working with about ten people out. The surf was like average and the wind was like onshore. However, sometimes the swells turned bigger, about four foot.

This guys from Karang Nyimbur told me that it was quite average over there too with a fair amount of surfers out. Not a very fun morning though. Maybe tomorrow….   

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